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Sungkyunkwan University's Intelligent System Research Center was established in 2003 and promoted in 2013.
In the future, we believe that the transition of a new paradigm will take place rapidly in technology, industry, and society by integrating knowledge / information with intelligence.
We help facilitate this transition by developing core element technology to provide high quality intelligent services to human beings.
ISRI has been established to become a world-class research institute beyond Korea, and aims to nurture excellent researchers and talented master / doctoral personnels.
ISRI is currently focusing on the development of core technologies related to Intelligent Robot, Higher Cognition, Personal Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle, Cognitive System, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Information Converging Service.

Let's study the future with Intelligent Systems Research Institute Laboratory

Thank you.

Hyoung-Kee Choi
Professor at College of Software
Director of Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Sungkyunkwan University

  Founding Director

As you are aware of, the era of any-X communication among humans and machines is fast approaching. Over this seamless infrastructure, I am sure there will blossom innovations in contents and services. All in all, we are rushing into intelligence-topia where we will be immersed in intelligent space and served by intelligent agents/robots anytime-anywhere. It is my belief that this transition of focus from information to intelligence will generate a new wave of revolution that impact tremendously on the technology, industry, and society of the future. Reflecting this trend, CI has been formed with the goal of creating breakthrough technologies, fundamental or applied, that are key for making intelligence-topia possible or, specifically, for providing human with high quality of robotic services.

ISRI has chosen to focus her R&D on intelligent robotics and systems, including, but not limited to, fast and robust 3D perception, real-time 3D modeling of dynamic environments, fusion of diverse and uncertain information, visual navigation and manipulation, contextual understanding of scenes, natural interaction of robots with service callers, robot self-repair/adaptation and self-growth, cognitive robotic engine as a fundamental paradigm for robotic information processing, hardware-software co-design of robotic functions, automatic content generation for robotic companionship, etc.

ISRI pursues excellence in research as well as in entrepreneurship: we integrate the generation of new discoveries, inventions and innovations and the creation of values to human and society into a single framework. ISRI values the expertise of research faculties dedicated to the center, the workforce of capable doctoral, master, and undergraduate students, as well as the leadership of participating faculties from several universities. ISRI is actively seeking for collaborative/joint research and personnel exchange/training programs with international and domestic partners for synergistic growth. ISRI, a place for your growth and for your future, is wide-open to you. I would like to cordially invite you to join in.

My tremendous appreciations should be directed to the 21st Century Frontier R&D Program, Korea Ministry of Science and Technology, Gyeongi Provincial Government, ETRI, Ministry of Information and Communication, and Sungkyunkwan University for their valuable sponsorship and support.

Von Voyage together with You,

Sukhan Lee, Ph.D, IEEE Fellow
Professor and Founding Director
School of Information and Communication engineering
Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Sungkyunkwan University

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